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Haringey and Tottenham Palestine Action (HTPA) has been organising in Tottenham and the borough of Haringey since end of 2023. 

We launched a petition to Haringey Council in February that called on the council to support the call for ceasefire and divest the Council’s pension fund from companies implicated with the military occupation and war on the people of Palestine.

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This is madness. @UKLabour has no respect for anyone's future if it goes down this path. Infact, this will ensure the destruction of many communities in the Global South.

If NATO succeeds in its push to ensure member countries earmark 2% of their GDP for military spending,

The death toll in Gaza could be as high as 186,000, according to Lancet's new peer-reviewed article.

@DavidLammy, now that you've seen this and the Foreign Office's legal advice, we demand you to ban arms sales to Israel immediately and cut diplomatic relationships with Israel.

Huge march today (July 6)! Starmer and Lammy - we aren't going anywhere. No one is free till everyone is free 🇵🇸🇵🇸 @ditalalmolloy @HaringeyTFP

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