Press release: Anger over Gaza slashes Labour’s majority in Tottenham

Friday July 5th, London: Labour saw its vote share fall in the safe seat of Tottenham by a whopping 20% as voters expressed anger over its failure to oppose genocide in Gaza.


Nandita Lal, the Independent Socialist candidate for Tottenham, running on a clear anti-genocide platform, surged into 3rd place, beating both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

Lal and the 2nd-placed Greens together saw a rise in vote share of 20.5% (corresponding with the drop in support for Labour), demanding an immediate end to arms sales to Israel – as called for by UN human rights experts, Oxfam, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch.

“Thank you to the people of Tottenham for standing up and showing we care,” said Lal. “Our community has shown Labour that we will not be taken for granted, that we believe all human lives are equal.”

“Lammy has been put on notice. He must now publish the legal advice on whether Israel is breaking international law that he called on the Conservatives to publish, and halt arms sales.”

“It’s been obvious for many months that UK military exports are being used to commit war crimes in Gaza. The UK has a legal duty to prevent and punish the crime of genocide, so if Lammy fails to halt this deadly trade, he could end up in prison.”

David Lammy’s statement that it was “legally justified” to bomb refugee camps in Gaza was deeply unpopular in the multicultural and diverse constituency of Tottenham, North London.

Opinion polls show a large majority of the British public want Israel to stop bombing Gaza. The public supported a ceasefire months before either the Conservatives or Labour. Lammy has lagged behind pro-peace public opinion in the UK, and has refused to demand an immediate end to arms sales.

Despite being a lawyer himself, Lammy has conveniently feigned ignorance of whether or not Israel has broken international law – despite overwhelming evidence presented by UN agencies, lawyers, aid agencies, and livestreamed media coverage over the last 8 months of multiple violations.


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