Socialist Nandita Lal is challenging David Lammy in Tottenham

Nandita Lal sees Tottenham issues in the context of a far wider crisis

Tottenham candidate Nandita Lal (Picture: Dave Gilchrist)

Tottenham candidate Nandita Lal (centre) (Picture: David Gilchrist)

“We have to give ourselves a voice and write our own narrative.”

This is Nandita Lal’s aim—an independent socialist candidate for Tottenham in north London. Nandita is standing against Labour Shadow foreign secretary David Lammy after receiving endorsement from Tottenham Palestine Action and other groups.

“We are really unhappy about the way Lammy has abandoned Palestinians and is complicit in their dehumanisation and genocide. He does not represent Tottenham—we are proudly anti-racist,” said Nandita.

The Tottenham seat was once held by Bernie Grant, “who was a black radical pan-African and that is the spirit of Tottenham we want to keep alive,” Nandita explained.

Lammy is a resolute defender of the Labour Party’s anti-worker politics—he has previously said it’s wrong for workers to demand a pay rise from their Heathrow airport bosses.

And the people of Tottenham have recognised the poverty of Lammy’s politics. “There is definitely an appetite for change and Lammy is very unpopular in Tottenham,” says Nadita.

Nandita described how “this opposition to workers by the Labour leadership and party in general has made so many people unhappy.

“Lammy got a lot of votes in 2017 and 2019, but that was the Jeremy Corbyn effect and how pro-worker Corbyn is.

“And Lammy’s been so disappointing on other fronts. He hasn’t said anything…about the treatment of Diane Abbott.”

Nandita stands on “pro-working class, socialist, anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist” ground. She highlighted how imperialism and the arms trade hurt ordinary people in Britain.

“So much money goes into warmongering instead of bettering the conditions of people here. We don’t support the expansion of Nato, it’s just not in our interests,” she added.

Nandita pointed out how continued war and imperialist expansion contribute to the climate crisis.  “To keep global warming in check there has to be a massive decrease in military spending.”

She said, “The effects of climate change will be felt particularly in the Global South.

“We want a safe and secure future where the spending on war is put towards tackling climate change and the housing crisis.

“Homelessness is on the rise in Tottenham and people complain about accommodation not being fit for purpose.

“There have been years of austerity cuts. But it doesn’t seem that Lammy wants to reverse any of those.

“The only interest being perpetuated by the Labour Party and the Tories is the interest of the ruling class,” Nandita explained.

In Tottenham, Nandita has had “a very positive campaign”. “Many people have said ours is the only leaflet they have seen.

“We want to show the rise of the right is not going unchallenged. We are here and here is our voice.”

The Palestine movement has affected Tottenham.

“We’ve seen the building of a mass movement. We have been able to build a lot of solidarity and establish relationships with other grassroots communities,” Nandita said.

Nandita stands firmly for the people of Tottenham. But her campaign is broader—it points to the systemic failure of our current capitalist system.

“We are in a global capitalist system which is driven by profit, that’s the only motive,” she argued.

“It’s really important to draw attention to the connections and why all our sufferings are linked.

“That’s why the young have so much to say about Palestine, because they see all these connections. They see that capitalism isn’t offering them a future.”

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