Nandita’s Candidate Declaration

I am standing as the Independent Socialist for Palestine candidate for the Tottenham constituency in the forthcoming general election. I am endorsed by the Haringey and Tottenham Palestine Action (HTPA) campaign.

Our platform for the election is For Tottenham! Free Palestine!


Haringey and Tottenham Palestine Action started last year in response to Israel’s assault on Gaza. We are a grassroots group of local residents of all faiths and ethnicities – including Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, and those with no faith – campaigning for an immediate ceasefire to the horrific war in Palestine and an end to the occupation.

Despite opinion polls showing that most of the British public supports an immediate ceasefire and an arms embargo on Israel, the UK’s major political parties have refused to listen. So, for many months, we have organised film screenings, vigils, marches, a divestment campaign targeting Haringey Council, and family-friendly arts clubs to design banners to raise the people’s voices.

It has also become increasingly clear that Israel will not listen to mere words from its allies or even the grave legal warnings from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) that Palestinians’ rights to protection under the Genocide Convention are at risk. We agree with South Africa’s submission to the ICJ that Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians, and this is every day being horribly confirmed with the bombing of Gaza.

Therefore we are urgently demanding concrete steps from the UK government to end its complicity in the unacceptable mass killing. Specifically, we demand an arms embargo, sanctions, and cutting diplomatic ties with Israel until the Palestinian people are free.


Our mandate comes from a public assembly process, culminating in a meeting on 8th May attended by more than 100 local residents. We debated, proposed, and refined our platform at this assembly and asked for the community’s support.

Tottenham has been sadly neglected. We are a multi-ethnic constituency. Many of us are poor and struggling.

Our public assembly concluded that there should be a place for everyone in Tottenham.

  • We will fight for new social housing, especially for young people and the elderly, instead of wasting money on war.
  • We will fight to improve everyone’s standard of living-to reverse the cuts and renationalise and in-source key public services, paid for by taxing the rich.
  • We support trade union action to defend the rights of working-class people.
  • We want our communities to be safe. That does not mean more authoritarian and racist policing, but much greater attention to the causes of crime, and especially the provision of all round support services and opportunities for young people.
  • We must treat the climate crisis as an emergency and take action now, ending our reliance on fossil fuels and urgently decarbonizing and adapting our housing, water, waste, energy and transport. We will fight for everyone’s right to a warm home, healthy food and clean water.
  • We demand an end to the hostile environment for migrants, an end to scapegoating migrants for the underfunding of public services, and the provision of safe and legal routes to seek asylum in the UK.
  • We are committed to anti-imperialism. We demand an end to public money and investments in the arms industry.

As your candidate I will continue to engage with the public to further identify the most pressing issues for Tottenham residents. Our campaign is committed to holding citizens assemblies of grassroots conversations in as many wards as we can, the 9 wards in Haringey and the 2 wards in Hackney.


I have been very active in the local campaign to Free Palestine, as I believe that this political action by citizens is crucial and I know from talking to my neighbours and the wider community that Tottenham does not support the genocide.

We have to work together and mobilise!

If elected, I would be a conscientious and hard working MP, attentive to the needs of the whole Tottenham community. I would build a team to really support residents and fight for change.

I am a mum of two young children who has lived in Tottenham for ten years. I was born in India and moved to the UK in 2010. I believe we owe our children a safe and secure future, which will never come from endless war.

The shared values of humanity must take precedence, and I see abundant evidence of these values every day in Tottenham.

I believe that Palestine is a climate justice issue, women’s rights issue, children’s rights issue and queer people’s rights issue.

I believe the residents of Tottenham deserve an MP who shares these values. I hope you support me and us!


See Press Release 31 May 2024

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